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Charlotte, NC 28208
United States


Charlotte+Asher creates chic diaper bags for the stylish, modern mom.



charlotte and asher Diaper Bag mom and child.jpg

It all began in 2013 as two friends were pregnant with their first children. With dues dates only one month apart, we talked about the various baby items available what we wanted to add to our registries. We lamented over the lack of attractive diaper bags with the conclusion that the baby bags were either cheap and ugly, expensive and ugly, or attractive with a high price tag and a lack of functionality. We did not want bags that screamed "mom," instead diaper bags that looked like  fashionable woman's handbags with the functionality of a diaper bag. At which point charlotte+asher entered the scene.

We know that handbags were important accessories. They pull an outfit together, which is especially important for giving moms a little boost in spirit as they tote babies around while they themselves are covered in spit up (I know, not a pretty sight). The appearance of bags is very important: they reflects the women carrying them. And our sense of style doesn't disappear upon entering motherhood. All of this inspired us to create diaper bags where fashion meets function for the everyday, busy, chic mom. Added bonus: because the bags don't scream "baby!" they can be carried stylishly for work and travel, too.