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Charlotte, NC 28208
United States


Charlotte+Asher creates chic diaper bags for the stylish, modern mom.


Parenthood related topics written by the founders of charlotte+asher.

Step by Step

Laura Hahn

Guys, we are getting excited. We received our new sample straight from the factory and it is so much more in line with what we envisioned our final product to be like! Just a few more tweaks and we'll be ready to go. We are finishing up some backend things and making sure we have all our ducks in a row to be ready for launch. Hoping we'll be ready for pre-orders and launch in the next month or two!

Now that we actually have a product to sell, we really need to focus on how to get the word out about charlotte+asher. We would love your help! All our social media accounts are linked at the bottom, and moms, remember to tell your friends about us too! Word of mouth is honestly the best marketing we could ever ask for. We can't wait for you all to use our bag (and honestly, we can't wait either!), but we really can't wait to help all the children who will benefit from our sales. We are still finding out about the close to 60 cases of measles confirmed from Disneyland back in early January 2015, and it just breaks our hearts. Melinda Gates put it wisely when she said that "We take vaccines so for granted in the United States. Women in the developing world know the power of [vaccines]. They will walk 10 kilometers in the heat with their child and line up to get a vaccine, because they have seen death. [Americans have] forgotten what measles deaths look like....we're incredibly lucky to have that technology and we ought to take full advantage of it."

Onwards, and upwards.