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Charlotte+Asher creates chic diaper bags for the stylish, modern mom.


Parenthood related topics written by the founders of charlotte+asher.

Predicting your baby's sex

Laura Hahn

When I was pregnant with my first in 2013, I wanted a girl so badly. I have two sisters, and growing up with girls meant that I didn’t really know what I would do if I had a boy, even though I had two nephews (and three nieces). I fantasized about all the cute outfits and bows I would dress her in, and there were so many girl’s names I was debating between. Even though we had a boy’s name picked out, in the back of my mind I didn’t think that I would really need to use it.

Naturally, when I had an ultrasound at 17 weeks, it was clear as day that I was going to have a boy; my OB got a perfect crotch shot of my son’s goods. It was hard for me to mask my disappointment, and as soon as I walked out of my appointment I called my husband, told him we’re having a boy and said that we needed to go back to the name drawing board because the one we picked out suddenly wasn’t good enough. After I calmed down, I realized that I did still like it, but we kept it as his middle name--which is where the second name of our company, Asher, meaning happy or blessed, comes from.

Looking back, I should have known that I was going to have a boy--and for the record, I am over the moon in love with him! I had such typical, old wives’ tale symptoms that I could have at least gotten a clue from those. I had amazing shiny and thick hair, glowing skin, only gained weight mostly on my belly, was super hungry all the time and craved a lot of ice cream. I even had a dream I was having a boy and the Chinese gender predictor agreed, but I rationalized that I got pregnant a month after my birthday so it could be off.

Now I am pregnant with my second, and we found out at 20 weeks that I am having a girl! Though we loosely used the Shettles method, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work and heard from many other women with more than one child that their pregnancies were either completely different or relatively similar with the same sex. However, once I started to notice certain symptoms, I became more and more convinced that I was carrying a girl. They say girls “steal their mother’s beauty,” and that’s definitely what I was experiencing. My hair was flat and dry, I got hormonal acne (found this symptom to be very common for girl moms!), I was gaining weight in areas I hadn't before, and I wasn’t that hungry even in my early second trimester (I didn’t get much morning sickness during either pregnancies). The Chinese gender predictor also said I was having a girl, and there were only 2 months out of the year that that would be true for my age. No idea how the chart is over 90% accurate!

While symptoms and charts aren’t necessarily an accurate predictor for your baby’s sex, I do believe ones based on science may have some merit (so not what direction your bed faces or the way a key moves around your belly. Where did those even come from?). The Ramzi Theory has a 97% accuracy rate, which is staggering. Some women just have a maternal intuition, and there was even a study that said 71% of educated women correctly guessed what sex baby they’re having based on a dream or intuition. The dream theory was accurate for both of my pregnancies! Of course, if you get a cell-free fetal DNA blood test, you can now know your baby’s gender for sure by 10 weeks.

Did you guess your baby’s sex correctly? What signs or symptoms gave it away or threw you off?