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Charlotte+Asher creates chic diaper bags for the stylish, modern mom.


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The Diaper Bag Struggle: 5 Reasons This One Wins

Laura Hahn

Finding the perfect diaper bag seems as realistic as getting a full night's sleep the first month with a newborn. We found lots of things we wanted to fix with our previous diaper bags, so here are 5 things we love about our Gabrielle design (yes, we are tooting our own horn):

1. It seriously does not look like a diaper bag. I know I know, you hear this all the time. But look at it. Did you think it was one? The black exterior means it goes with almost every outfit (the black will help make those spit up stains look slimmer ;)), and it does double duty for work-outside-of-home moms as their work bag. We've even had some child-free women use it as their work bag as it offers much needed organization. The coral interior adds a fun pop of color and is bright enough so that you can actually see where your things are. With the color combo and design, no one will be able to tell you have diapers inside!

2. The changing pad is in an outside pocket. Taking a changing pad out in public when your baby has just had a blowout can potentially be your worst nightmare. Other bags cram their rolled up pad into the tiniest pocket inside and you end up pulling half your things out that inevitably spill all over a disgusting public bathroom. Then you get to put those lovely poop germs back in your bag, spreading them onto your baby's blanket or toys. No thanks! The Gabrielle has an exterior sleeve that fits an included generously padded, waterproof changing pad, which can be folded with one hand (so you still have an arm free to hold your baby) and is large enough to fit a young toddler. The best part? Once baby's out of diapers, you can store a tablet in there (after cleaning said poop germs out of course).

3. The structure and pockets prevent black hole baby bag syndrome. This is huge. Not only is the Gabrielle big enough to hold everything you need, but it'll keep it there because the bag is structured to stand on its own. That means when you stick it in your stroller or set it on the ground, it won't roll over and swallow or spit up all your things. The interior lining is waterproof, and super easy to clean. The pockets are roomy and there's still plenty of space in the middle for bigger stuff, especially snacks for your growing toddler (or you, if you're a nursing mom). Lots and lots of snacks. Hanger (i.e. hungry anger) is real.

4. The bag grows with you and your child(ren). Unlike some other bags that are reach one year and done, the Gabrielle is durable enough to go from baby to toddler (and even back to baby to toddler again!). The things you pack in your diaper bag change as baby grows, and this bag has the space for it. The BPA and phthalate-free vegan leather also softens as it ages, similar to the feel of real leather without the weight, high-maintenance care, or price.

5. It gives back. This is really just icing on the cake. Not only is the Gabrielle a beautiful bag that is actually functional, each one sold helps provide life-saving vaccinations to children in need. There are still so many children in the world who are suffering and dying from diseases that are preventable, and charlotte+asher has made it their mission to help get those numbers down. A bag that makes you look good and does good? Yes please.

What have your experiences been like with diaper bags? What are your favorite ones and why?