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Charlotte+Asher creates chic diaper bags for the stylish, modern mom.


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Baby Registry: Items Parents Are Split On

Laura Hahn

After writing our lists of must haves and what you can skip for your baby registry, here’s our final list of products that parents are split on--so it’s up to you whether or not to go for it!


  • Changing pad. Many parents use this, but some claim you can just change your baby on the floor. Our backs thanked us for having this atop baby’s dresser!

  • Glider. If you can get one, even used from a friend or through Craigslist, we highly recommend it. I spent so much time in this while feeding baby at the beginning, and we still use it in the toddler years for reading books and rocking in it before bed. It’ll also come in handy again if you have another baby!

  • Bassinet or Rock ‘N Play. Many parents swear by the rock ‘n play and have attributed getting sleep the first few months to this, but others put baby in the crib the first night home and don’t look back. A potential issue that may arise is transitioning the baby from rock ‘n play to crib, since they go from sleeping at an angle to flat on their back.

  • Diaper pail. Some swear by one, and some just use a small metal trash can with a lid and empty it every 3 days (or every day!). Once baby starts eating solids, you will definitely need something unless you don’t mind smelling sewage, so perhaps base this decision on how much of a pain it is to empty the trash.

  • Swaddle blankets. You’ll probably need some sort of blanket regardless, but many parents love the Miracle Blanket or The Magic Sleepsuit to keep baby’s Moro reflex from waking herself up.

  • Mobile. We’re fans of cute and colorful mobiles that can hang from the ceiling, though admittedly they’re more nursery decor than anything else. We found that around 1-2 mo+ babies are staring at things more and mobiles seem beneficial. This could be a decision you put off until later.



  • Umbrella stroller. We initially thought having more than one stroller was unnecessary, but this can really make your life easier, especially when traveling on a plane or if you have limited car trunk space. Sometimes you just need something small and light to get around, especially if you live in the city. Depending on your lifestyle and where you live, you could potentially get by with just an umbrella stroller.

  • Travel crib/pack n play. Depends on how much you travel (or if you co-sleep), or if you have extra bedrooms when guests stay over. It can also come in handy for containing a mobile little one while cooking or doing other activities.

  • Baby monitor. If you have a small apartment or the baby sleeps in your room, you may not need one. Decide based on your home and preference, including if the monitor is audio only or video as well.

  • Activity mat. This is a great way for your infant to work on tummy time and reaching for objects, but a blanket and dangling toys could work too.

  • Bouncer seat. Sometimes you need to put baby down and this is a great, safe option.

  • Jumper/activity center. If baby spends a lot of time at home, this could be useful. It also helps around 5-8 months to strengthen baby’s legs and prepare for crawling. These are also helpful when you need to put baby somewhere and she’s grown out of the bouncer.

  • Swing. These take up a lot of space, but some parents swear that it was the only thing that soothed their baby. Other babies seem not to care for it, so unfortunately it may be trial and error for you.

  • White noise machine. If you follow the 5 S’s, this will be a necessity. It also helps if you live in a noisy city.



  • Hooded towels. Super cute, but a regular towel works just as well.

  • Baby bathtub. Some simply use the kitchen sink, but this is helpful if bath time is part of baby’s nightly ritual (and you haven’t cleared all the dishes yet!), or if you don’t have a full bath. You could also use an infant bath sponge cushion in a regular bathtub.



  • Bottle warmer. Thawing frozen milk in warm water works great, but this could be helpful for heating up formula or a refrigerated bottle. Some bottle warmers only work for smaller bottles, so be aware.

  • Bottle sterilizer. You may want to look into this if you don't have a dishwasher, but you can easily sterilize bottles in a pot of boiling water or the top rack of your dishwasher. 

  • Bottle drying rack. If you use a lot of bottles, this will be worth it, if only to keep all the parts in one place so they don’t get lost while allowing them to dry fully. But placing them on a towel to dry also works fine.

  • Baby food maker. If you already have a normal food processor or blender, those will work perfectly.



  • Pacifier. You may have to try a few different types to see which fit best for your baby, but if your baby will take one, they can help a lot. Plus, you can get rid of a pacifier, but not a thumb! However, some babies won’t ever take one, so you may not even need these.

  • Toys. Check back for posts about the best toys at different stages!


Hope these lists were helpful! It can be overwhelming putting together your baby registry, especially since you wouldn’t think a tiny human would need so much stuff. However, aside from the essentials including our diaper bag, you can always put off the other stuff and see if you really need or want them (or have the space!) later. Congratulations on your new bundle!