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Charlotte+Asher creates chic diaper bags for the stylish, modern mom.


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What's in my diaper bag: Out and about with 2 kids

Chantal Standafer

Gabrielle Diaper Bag Packed for Two Kids

I didn’t stay in the house for that long after having G, and we made a break for it even sooner after B’s arrival. In fact, we stopped for food and coffee on the way home from the hospital, and we made it out for a couple of 4th of July events when he was only a few days old. But in order to leave the house I had to be prepared, which meant having all of my essentials in my diaper bag. I try to keep my bag as light as possible (although that doesn’t always happen!). Here’s what I usually have in my diaper bag for my outings with two kids:

  • Diapers+wipes. We tried potty training G before baby’s arrival, and while there was some success, we definitely are not ready to go diaper free yet. So, I generally have three size 5 diapers in one pocket and four size 1 diapers in another. I stick the reusable travel wipes case in a pocket with one of the stacks of diapers. [Use: two interior pockets] 

  • Snacks. Honestly I don’t pack a lot of snacks, and what I do have I try to hide from G. Otherwise she just wants to have a snack wherever we go, whether it be the park or to run errands. I usually just have a couple small items stuffed deep in one of the pockets. [Use: interior pocket]

  • A few small toys. You never know when you’ll need to keep a toddler busy! I usually have a small plastic animal toy or two, a small book, stickers, crayons and paper. [Use: interior pocket] note: If we're going on a long trip (or to dinner), I pack some toys and books in a little backpack that G carries herself.

  • Water bottles. I carry two bottles--one for myself and another for G. [Use: two interior bottle pockets]

  • Nursing cover+burp cloth+onesie. I pack a swaddle blanket to use as my burp cloth--it’s large enough that I can fold it over and use a clean section if there’s a large amount of spit up. Or it can double as a cover over the carseat, which is often needed given the unrelenting Southern California sun. The onesie is for the diaper blowout that will inevitably happen during one of our times out. [Use: open middle section]

  • My things. Phone, external phone battery, keys, wallet, sunglasses, chapstick, lipstick. [Use: middle section, front zip pocket]

  • Personal care items. Hand sanitizer, tissues, band-aids. [Use: interior zip pocket]

The great thing about our diaper bag is that whether I pack heavy or light, there’s room and pockets for everything and the structure keeps it from looking bulky or deflated. Even with what I normally pack, there is always space in case I need to pack an extra item. What other essentials do you carry when out and about with your kiddos?