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Charlotte+Asher creates chic diaper bags for the stylish, modern mom.


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Baby Registry: 7 Things You Can Do Without

Laura Hahn

A shot from our maternity session with c+a's amazing photographer, Billye.

A shot from our maternity session with c+a's amazing photographer, Billye.

Navigating your baby registry as a first time mom can be really daunting, so we’re here to help! For starters, here are 7 things you don’t need:

  • Baby changing station. While cute especially when part of a furniture set, this really just ends up taking a lot of space and becomes unnecessary when baby is out of diapers. Instead, simply put a changing pad on top of a regular dresser. Just make sure you put a non-slip mat (the kind you put under an area rug) underneath the pad so it doesn’t slip around.

  • Infant First Aid Kit. While a good idea in theory, you either end up getting most of these things from the hospital or only end up using 1 or 2 things in it that are way cheaper and better quality when bought separately. Just make sure you have baby scissors or clippers, a thermometer, and a snot sucker. Done.

  • Wipe warmer. Just, no. I know we want to do everything for our babies, but refusing to use a room-temperature or slightly cool wipe is excessive. Plus, the warmer will dry out the wipes rendering them close to useless.

  • Pee-pee teepees. If you have a baby boy, you may be tempted to buy or ask for these, but the reality is they don’t even stay on. Here’s a tip: bro tends to pee when he’s exposed to the cold, so cover with his dirty diaper, get a new one ready underneath, do your quick clean and change. You can also cover him with a wipe in between for extra coverage.

  • Stuffed animals. When these start to accumulate, they become your nemesis because they take up so much space and are useless. Baby will also probably only care about 1 or 2, and that’s at an older age. Resist the urge, especially because other people will inevitably gift you some (or way more than you need).

  • Clothes/baby shoes/blankets. You definitely need clothes and blankets (you really don’t need infant shoes, though they’re super cute!), but your baby will grow so fast. Keep in mind that you won’t know how big your baby is, so s/he may not even fit in newborn sized clothing. If you can, borrow clothes from a family member or friend. Clothes and blankets are also things that people love to gift you apart from your registry, so chances are you’ll end up getting more than enough without even asking. If you have a specific swaddle blanket you’re eyeing, definitely put it on there, but otherwise it’s better to keep these items to a minimum.

  • Special baby detergent. Any detergent that is “free and clear” is fine; these don't contain any dyes or perfumes that could irritate baby’s skin. While you're at it, get a bigger size so you can use it for the whole family.

Check back soon for posts on what you definitely need to have on your list, as well as items parents are split on. Until then, happy registering!