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Charlotte, NC 28208
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Charlotte+Asher creates chic diaper bags for the stylish, modern mom.


Parenthood related topics written by the founders of charlotte+asher.

A New Season and Beginning

Laura Hahn

We are well into fall, my favorite season of the year. Now that my family has moved back to the Boston area where I grew up, I finally feel at home. We moved back over the summer, but that time was pretty chaotic with all the drama that came with moving our belongings, furnishing a house, taking 2 kids on a 14 hour plane ride to Asia for 2 weeks, my husband starting a new job, and my son starting preschool. Phew! I finally feel like we are getting into a groove and can breathe a little bit, and I am loving the crisp, autumn air that heralds the excitement of the holidays coming up.

There’s something about fall that always makes me feel nostalgic. It brings back memories of new beginnings: changing your clothes out and back to school shopping, making new friendships, and filling your schedule with seasonal activities and events. The beautiful red, orange, and yellow foliage along with the earthy smells of autumn provide a picturesque background for it all.

When I lived in LA for 3 years, I really missed the seasons. I know LA weather is like paradise most of the year, but being an east coast girl I missed the familiar cycle of the seasons. I would even have trouble remembering when things happened because time seemed to stay still since the weather was always the same, be it October or June. But now that we are back in Boston with our children in tow, things have come full circle. While I’m relearning my city since it’s changed quite a bit over the past seven years, I finally feel at home.

What things do you love about fall? Any favorite memories or pastimes?