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Charlotte+Asher creates chic diaper bags for the stylish, modern mom.


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Giving Tuesday: Why We Give Back

Laura Hahn

Kiddos admiring their thankfulness tree.

Kiddos admiring their thankfulness tree.

There are so many fun things happening around the holidays. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping coming to a close, many of us look ahead to December celebrations where we focus on thankfulness and giving to others. With kids, it's easy to slip into commercialism and focus only on our nuclear families, which is why Chantal tries to teach her kids about giving to others. This week, we wanted to highlight the focus of our giving, which you've hopefully heard about before if you've seen our site.

When we started our company, we knew that we wanted to incorporate giving back as a main part of our business. We wanted to join the other for-profit, socially-conscious companies that sold quality products while simultaneously thinking of others at every point of sale. We were inspired to make our own diaper bag to fit our needs, and knew we wanted to help children in some way. It was during this time that the anti-vax movement was really reaching its peak, and childhood diseases we hadn't heard about in decades started popping up again. Since Chantal and I were both in LA, we were right in the middle of the "trendy, wholesome" parenting style that many were implementing in cities all over the US--which unfortunately meant some parents were hesitant about or opposed to vaccinations. 

With all the negative, and in many cases, false claims about vaccines that were popping up all over the internet and misinforming parents, we found that there needed to be more positive and educational voices about them. We knew that this was the right cause to back for our company. Not only did we want to tangibly help children who needed these vaccines that parents in developed countries were taking for granted, we vowed to help promote scientific research in support of vaccinations so parents could be better informed, without being shamed. 

We donate 5 vaccines per bag purchase via Shot@Life - a United Nations initiative. They help promote vaccinations in both a tangible and educational standpoint by administering vaccines to the children who need it, as well as educating supporters or "champions" who can fundraise and be a voice to Congress. You may have also heard about Shot@Life through Walgreens' "get a shot, give a shot" campaign. 

Today on Giving Tuesday, we urge you to think of those who you're helping through your purchases--but who could also use your help throughout the year. What other ways can we help those in need on a daily basis and not just once a year?